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Ananda Marga Yoga Centre in taichung, Taiwan; offers courses in Yoga and Meditation as well as other inspiring programs designed to awaken the subtler aspects of ourselves. These programs include:

Yoga Classes
Philosophy Classes
Meditation Course
Yoga Detox Retreats
Yoga & Meditation Retreats

Yoga and Meditation Classes are taught as a service, not as a commercial venture. So you will find that our fees are very reasonable.

Yoga and meditation class schedule

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Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is an ancient system of techniques for all-round health and well being of the individual. The scientific and easy-to-learn exercises provide a practical, natural and holistic way to achieve health and vitality. Yoga is not a religion. Anyone from any faith can practice the techniques... read more


Meditation is the yoga practice that helps a person to develop mentally and spiritually. There are many forms of meditation. Meditation quiets the central nervous system, lowers blood pressure by as much as 20% and has a profound effect on physical more



Classes are taught by qualified and experienced teachers. Personalized teaching for small groups - you will get enough attention from the teachers to learn and progress at your own pace with your Yoga practices.
Each session comprises of warm-ups, yoga postures with breath control, self-massage and deep relaxation.
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Food for Thought

One of the worries people have when they think about adopting a vegetarian diet is, “Will I get enough nutrition if I don’t eat meat? Will I get enough protein?” They have nothing to worry about: a vegetarian diet can provide all necessary body nutrients... read more

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Yoga and Meditation Classes
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Meditation Course
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Books, Mantra Music CDs

Books, CDs and more
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